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PostPosted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 5:45 pm 
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Red Deer Jeep Packrats Charter

This document represents the charter and bylaws of the Red Deer Jeep Packrats club, referred to as the “Red Deer Jeep Packrats” or “RDJP”.

The purpose of the Red Deer Jeep Packrats is to bring together like minded individuals that will:
- Enjoy the trail system and work towards maintaining and improving them
- Encourage local and shared ownership of the sport
- Promote and provide an organized form of sport at the community level
- Encourage cooperation and teamwork among the clubs members
- Provide opportunities to affiliate with other clubs throughout the province
- Coordinate efforts to strengthen sport development
- Provide the sport with more permanency even though individual club members may

II.Executive Committee: The Executive Committee will be presently formed of four positions:
President: Presides at all meetings and is an ex-officio member of all committees.
Vice-President: Presides at meetings when the President is not present. Helps to oversee all committees.
Treasurer: Receives all monies paid to the society and is responsible to deposit such monies in the clubs bank account. Properly accounts for the funds of the club and keeps books as directed. Responsible for issuing cheques and receipts as necessary. Provides a financial report for each Annual General Meeting.
Secretary : Responsible for keeping accurate minutes of each meeting. Keeps track of addresses and contact info for all members of the club. Provides correspondence for the club. Issues yearly memberships to active members in good standing, and catalogues the membership list accordingly.

NOTE: The positions of Treasurer and Secretary may be filled by one person if any annual meeting for the election of officers so decides.

Each position is to be voted in annually, and must be filled by an active club member.


Membership in the Red Deer Jeep Packrats Club will be allowed under the following requirements:
- Must currently own a Jeep, or be in the process of actively looking to purchase a Jeep
- Members must be a minimum age of 16 years of age, requiring a valid driver’s license in order to drive.
- Must be sponsored by one current member of the RDJP.
- Complete a membership application form.
- Must attend 2 monthly meetings.
- Participate in 2 club runs.
- Pay the current membership fee as set by the RDJP.
Membership may be denied to persons deemed unsuitable by the Executive Committee unanimously. In the event of a denial, the applicant may make a written presentation to the executive for reconsideration. This presentation is not debatable. After the presentation, the Executive Committee will inform the applicant of their decision within one week of such a presentation.

Dues: A single membership fee is $25.00, payable at the AGM. If payment is not made within 60 days of the AGM, that membership will be suspended until payment is made. A single membership includes 1 vote and entitles the member to partake in club events and club insurance.

Family: A family membership fee is $40, payable at the AGM. If payment is not made within 60 days of the AGM, that membership will be suspended until payment is made. The family membership includes 2 votes (provided the members meet the 16 year age requirement), and entitles the members to partake in club events and club insurance. All family members must live at the same address, children 16 years or older wishing to have their own vote over and above the two (2) family votes must purchase their own single membership

Definition of an Active Member: An active member is a member whose dues are paid and shows an active interest in the club and trail rides

Expulsion of memberships: An expulsion of any member made be made, but only by full agreement of the entire executive. The Executive shall have the power to suspend or expel any member who may, in their opinion, be guilty of conduct detrimental to the society, due to a serious conviction of any prescribed law of Canada, or who may have been guilty of any breach of the rules, policies, guidelines or by-laws of the society The decision of the Executive shall be ratified by a membership vote at the next general meeting, annual general meeting or special meeting by way of secret ballot.

Withdrawl: Membership may be withdrawn by any member at any point in time, but MUST be submitted in writing. Any withdrawl not submitted in writing will be ignored. Withdrawn memberships will not be refunded.

Club Meetings: All club meetings will be conducted under Robert’s Rules of Order. Any member who refuses to follow these rules may be asked to leave the any member of the Executive.

The Annual General Meeting for the RDJP will be held on or before February 28th of each year. Notice will be given to members by phone, email, fax, writing and posted on forum. Each AGM must include the President and Vice-President reports (annual), Treasurer’s annual report, and Election of Officers. Discussions may also be included of any business brought forward in writing 2 weeks in advance of meeting and approved by the current Executive.

General Meeting: The Red Deer Jeep Packrats will hold a monthly business meeting on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm, at a location to be decided on in advance.

Voting during any meeting will include 1 vote per member, or 2 votes per family membership. Voting will be done by a show of hands; therefore, all members must be in attendance to cast a vote. Any recount will undertaken immediately without discussion. The President does not vote, except to break a tie. A secret ballot can be requested by a minimum of any 3 members.

A majority is considered to be 50% + 1 to pass any motion.

Executive Meeting: At such times as deemed warranted, an Executive Meeting may take place including the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary in attendance to vote on any motion. An absence of any one Executive member will void such a meeting.

These bylaws may be rescinded, altered, or added to by a "Special Resolution".

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